Why Gluten Free? I went Gluten Free about 9 years ago, not because it was the latest eating fad, but due to the way my body started reacting to Gluten.  As a matter of fact, my natural doctor kept suggested it could be a gluten sensitivity that was causing my issues, but I just couldn't imagine it.  I cooked everything from scratch, homemade bread, muffins, etc.  I even started grinding my own wheat berries for baking.

 Then one evening I was watching the news, and the news caster started talking about his Gluten intolerance, and the book that made him realize gluten was the issue.  I order the book, read it in a day.  Went gluten free for 3 days, and it was a life changer. 

 Jump ahead 6 weeks, and my dear friend had a horrible reaction to a steroid she was prescribed to help reduce inflammation post breast cancer treatment.  The steroid put her in the hospital; it had a negative reaction with her type 2 diabetes. .  Until that steroid protocol, she was able to control her type 2 diabetes with a pill and diet.  After the steroid prescription, she went to the hospital with blood sugar numbers in the 600's, and came out a week later prescribed 1 pill, 4 shots and they still couldn't get her numbers under 300.  I told her the information I read in the book regarding the negative effect of gluten on type 2 diabetics.  I asked her to come visit for a week, and I'd help her eat a gluten free diet.  She accepted my invitation.  In just 3 days of avoiding gluten, she got her numbers to 120.  9 years later, she is now down to 1 pill and 1 shot a day, the lowest dose she can take and her numbers stay below 120.

 I am not an expert, all I know is what I've seen and experienced.  Therefore for me, I will be gluten free for life.  My health and well-being count on it.

 Ok, that's the why.  Now lets get down to the good stuff.  When I first went gluten free, I tried eating gluten free items, but found them to taste like cardboard, or highly preserved and I really missed my homemade items and baking.   So I just gave up on those items for several years.  However, recently I found an organic flour blend that I could mix cup for cup and use my old/all time favorite recipes.  The first recipe I tried, my Grammy's Apple Cake.  This recipe was passed down 4 generations.  The first time I made the Apple Cake, my husband consumed the first one, and said wow that is really good.  Then got half way through the second piece and realized I was eating some and said, " Is this gluten free?  That was the best compliment.  I did notice the cake is super moist, almost to moist, so it'll need a little tweaking to meet the quality I am going for, to sell at the Farmers Market, but it's a winner. 

 Grammy's Apple Cake will be regularly available at the Gypsy Wagon, Saturdays 9-12 at the Port Orford Farmers Market (starting May 26, through September) and Sundays 10-2 at the Langlois Hotel Sunday Market (starting in May through the beginning of September).  I also plan to offer, my Carrot Cake, Zucchini breakfast muffins, Morning Glory muffins and more.

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