Market sheet (availability & Pricing)

fITEMS    (See "About Us" page, for days and hours of operation)                                      PRICE


Free Range Organic Chicken Eggs                                                                                           $5.00/doz

Free Range Organic Ducks Eggs                                                                                              $6.00/doz


Handmade items and small antiques available through Etsy


Raw Jersey Cows Milk                                                                                                                 $12.00/gal


Small Organic Vegetable Starts                                                                                                 $2-3 each

Small Organic Herb Starts                                                                                                          $4.00 each

4" Perennials (Most)                                                                                                                    $3.00 each

4" Scented Geraniums                                                                                                               $5.00 each

1 gal Perennials  (Most)                                                                                                            $7.00 each



all our plants are grown in organic soil, with organic fertilizer. Non-Gmo seed, and I try and source all organic seeds. 

Fertile hatching eggs.  We collect our hatching eggs every two hours, and handle carefully as to not disturb the yolk.  We recommend eggs that are no older than 72 hours for better hatching rate.                        $1.00 each


We are no longer raising Dairy Goats or Pigs.

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